Sunshine Blogger Award 2

I was just nominated for the Sunshine blogger award by one of my awesome followers Prutha Pimpalgaonkar.

I would like to thank her very much for her generosity.

Drop by her blog and show some support cuz her posts are amazing.

Here is her link


Prutha’s questions:

My Answers:

1. Nope

But it’ll be interesting if they did.

2. I do believe in paranormal stuff

But not in ghosts

3. Honestly, I watch A Lot of movies

But if you want a more specific answer, I would say all of Bruce Lee’s movies and all of the Rocky movies.

4. I would spend it in France, Paris to be specific. Cuz I love their country and I love Paris’s history during the French Revolution.

5. Drinking tea while reading my favorite book.

6. Here it is: What do you call a fish without an eye? Answer: Fshhhhhh!!!

7. Well, I cannot remember a specific one.

8. I think that it’s the fact that we pretty much are focusing on gaining tons of money and fame in this life without remembering that we should work hard on serving god so that we can find a better prize when we meet him in the afterlife.

9. I love both the Mortal Kombat game series and the Assassins Creed game series.

10. Well, that’s a tough one.

Well, I would tell my younger self to overcome what the haters say about him because at that time, i was pretty much consumed by what the bullies used to say about me.

11. Pretty much that I practice martial arts and that I am a great supporter of feminism.

My questions:

Same as the above, I think they are amazing.

My nominees:

Lydia Potter




Nilla Palmer

YBP It’s all about love

Ideal Inspiration

Rue 202


Brin City Girl

Jirah Merizz

Thank you all for reading

Love you all

53 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 2

  1. Great Toutounji, So many hearted congratulations on the wonderful achievement and stunning post. Exciting answers and questions as well. Thanks for the nomination. Stay well and Keep up the good work friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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