Liebester Award #2

Hey everyone!!!

So i was nominated by one of my dearest friends Jirah Merizz from Writings by JM.

Go do check out her blog because her content is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy some good book reviews and poetry and other stuff.


Jirah’s questions:

My Answers:

1. Absolutely Mind Blowing!!!

Yup those are THREE words.

2. That it’s an honest community and you get to meet other bloggers who are sooo supportive and inspiring.

3. Uh depends, some take a few days(Like my novel chapters) and same take an hour or two.

4. Uh, well; IDK.

Maybe stop worrying so much and enjoy your life to the fullest.

5. That life isn’t all about hanging out with others. And that nothing lasts forever.

6. Tea ( ALL Kinds)

7. Joining this community

Learning martial arts

And meeting my awesome friends here on WP

8. Well, I’ve kinda answered that question a couple of times

I simply go to my kickboxing class.

9. To stop being so moody and stop worrying too much.

It’s because sometimes i just get turned on by a simple word I don’t like. And sometimes i would just be completely cool for a whole day.

10. To go to France, Egypt, and South Carolina.

11. Spanish and Chinese.

My Nominees:

Lydia Potter



Bon Repos Gites


Rishika Jain

HR. Phoenix

The Bold Girl

My questions:

Same as the above because I thought that they were so good

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