Shadows Among Us The Final Chapter.


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Chapter 16

(Justice without an order)

Julio stepped closer to Father Andres as he was lighting up the candles in the church.

Julio watched the old priest as he was lighting the candles; Father Andres looked at him and said,” What is it?”

“I’m just worried about something.” Julio answered.

Father Andres approached Julio and sat next to him.

“What is worrying you my boy?” Father Andres asked.

“It’s just that when I confessed my feelings to Beatrice yesterday; I felt that she wasn’t really into the idea. I don’t want to end up in ruining this.” Julio said.

Father Andres smiled and patted him on the shoulder; he sighed and said,” We all experience complications in life; we just have to overcome them. You have to experience obstacles to know how good life is. Trust me my boy, god made you find love; Beatrice loves you. You just have to be loyal.”

Julio nodded; he stood up and said,” I will Father; I won’t let you down.”

Julio woke up with a gasp; he looked around his small cottage as he rubbed his eyes.

Julio lit the candle next to his small bed; he sighed and said,” I wish I was right Father Andres.”

He took out his notebook; he looked at it and said,” It’s been quite a while.”

He opened it and started writing: I am back again; I know it has been a while. I was busy with my work at the brotherhood.

Unfortunately, things did not end up as I expected.

I am lost; I don’t have a purpose. I tried to be like Father Andres, but I can’t. He always seemed to have all the answers; as for me, I am a lost cause. The council has banished me from the order of shadow hunters; I am witnessing Spain’s downfall and I can’t do anything about it.

I am lost between two hearts; I love Beatrice more than anything; but she is always busy with the council because of her high rank. As for Anastasia; she always seemed to enjoy being with me. I don’t want to do a big mistake; I must stay loyal to Beatrice. What if my heart wants me to be elsewhere?

A knock on his door cut off his line of thoughts.

He closed his notebook and moved towards the door.

He opened it; it was Beatrice and Anastasia.

“What do you want?” Julio asked.

“Still mad huh?” Anastasia asked.

Beatrice walked in and stood in front of his bed; she smiled and said,” It’s okay Julio; we have a plan.”

“What plan?” Julio asked.

Anastasia took out a paper and handed it to Julio.

“This.” She said.

Julio examined the paper; it was a message from one of the spies.

It revealed Thiago’s location; it is planned that he’ll be at the Seville Cathedral tomorrow morning to attend his coronation as the new king of Spain.

“How is it possible? The king is not dead yet.” Julio said.

“King Ferdinand gave up the throne in order to stay alive; he has made a deal with Thiago. Ferdinand will leave Andalusia tonight.” Beatrice said.

Julio crumbled the paper and said,” I won’t let that happen. I’ll kill Thiago if that’s the last thing I will do.”

Beatrice came closer to him and said,” Hang on now, you can’t be serious. You’ll die there if you go alone. We’re coming with you.”

“No you won’t; you don’t have to face the same fate as me.” Julio said.

“It’s not your decision; we already made up our minds.” Anastasia said.

Julio closed his eyes and said,” I said I won’t let you come with me.”

“That bastard killed my family.” Anastasia said.

“He did the same thing to Father Andres; the only family I had known. I have to do this myself.” Julio said.

Beatrice put her hand on his cheek and kissed him.

She said,” You know I can’t let you go there alone.”

Julio looked away and said,” I have to; nothing you say will change my mind. Thiago must fall to my blade; this is my destiny.”

Anastasia put her hand on his shoulder and said,” If that’s what you want; then my revenge will be taken by you. Go honor my family’s death.”

Julio hugged her and said,” I will.”

“You are still the same stubborn Julio I have known for years.” Beatrice said.

He smiled and kissed her; he said,” That’s what I like about myself.”


Thiago walked towards the cathedral’s entrance; he turned to his guards and said,” Double the patrols; I don’t want the same incident that happened to me in Venice.”

“What about the plan my lord?” His supervisor said.

“Once I reach the royal palace; ride to the borders and move the troops towards the palace. I’ll give them the orders.” Thiago said.

His supervisor nodded and rode his horse and galloped away.

Thiago’s soldiers opened the cathedral’s doors for him and walked alongside him as he was entering the cathedral’s hall.


Julio stood in front of the cathedral; he looked at the guards that were guarding the main door.

“No way I’m walking through there.” He said.

He remembered Beatrice’s words,” If you can’t find an opportunity; create one.”

He looked around; he saw one of the soldiers standing alone next to the general’s horse.

Julio grinned and approached him; he crawled up from behind him and raised his dagger.

Julio hesitated at first; “He didn’t do anything to die” he thought.

Julio returned his dagger back to its sheathe and knocked out the guard with a punch.

Julio dragged the guard’s body to the back of the cathedral.

“Time to dress up.” He whispered.

He took off the guard’s metal armor and helmet and wore his outfit.


“Halt, what do you want?” The soldier said to Julio as he was approaching the front entrance.

“I have orders from the general himself to deliver the news from the borders. You don’t want to upset my lord.” Julio said.

The soldier was hesitant at first; he then said,” Come in.”

He opened the door for Julio and Julio walked in.


Julio spotted Thiago next to the cathedral’s main hall.

He slowly approached him and waited for the guards to look away.

He took out his dagger and placed it under his sleeve.

Thiago looked at the soldiers and said,” Tonight, we celebrate the victory of our order. Long live the black temple.”

His soldiers yelled,” Long live the black temple.”

Julio took out the sand pouch that the council had given him; he threw it at the guards and ducked.

A huge cloud of sand rose up; the guards started to rub their eyes and cough.

Julio ran at them and started stabbing each one of them from behind.

After a few seconds, sand faded away and Thiago spotted Julio standing in front of him with a pile of dead bodies behind him.

Julio wiped the blood off his dagger and took off his helmet.

“What a nice surprise.” Thiago said.

Julio kept on staring at him without saying a word.

“What happens next is up to you; you have a unique set of skills. Skills that I’ll be delighted to have on my side.” Thiago added.

Julio raised his eyebrow and said,” What side is that?”

Thiago laughed and said,” The side that is going to win a war you don’t know it has already begun. The world is changing under your feet hunter, joins us and you may live to see its evolution.”

Julio grinned and said,” Really? Let me tell you something Thiago, the only thing that’s going to change is what happens next. With your fantasies in ruin; and a hunter’s dagger in your throat.”

Thiago took out his sword and said,” Show me what you mean.”

Julio took a sword from the floor and said,” Here it comes.”

“Julio!” A voice yelled from behind him.

It was Anastasia running towards him with her sword in her hand.

“I’m here, don’t worry.” She said.

Just when he wanted to turn around, Thiago ran towards him and knocked him down to the floor.

Anastasia yelled and forced her sword towards Thiago; Thiago blocked her attack with his sword and kicked her hard on the chest.

She grunted and fell hard on the ground.

Julio jumped up and punched Thiago on the face; he then tried to stab him with the dagger.

Thiago twisted Julio’s arm and stabbed him in the shoulder.

Julio screamed with pain; Thiago punched him and threw him towards the wall.

Julio groaned and coughed as he was struggling with pain on the floor.

Anastasia stood up and yelled,” Come and get it you bastard.”

Thiago smiled and said,” What a waste. Fighting for a lost cause.”

He ran at her and struck her hard with his sword; she managed to block his attack but her sword fell off her hand.

He placed his hands on her neck and threw her at the floor.

He put his knee on her chest and squeezed hard on her throat.

She coughed and grunted as she was trying to break free from his grip.

He laughed and squeezed harder on her throat.

Anastasia’s vision started to blur; she felt weaker and she was about to faint.

Julio yelled and kicked Thiago on the head.

Thiago fell on his back and Julio jumped on top of him.

He kept on punching Thiago hard until he broke his jaw.

Julio breathed heavily as he looked at Thiago; he said,” I thought I was over this, but I’m not. I’ve waited too long, lost so much; may you never see the light again.”

Thiago cried,” No, you can’t! This is my destiny; mine! Spain will perish without me.”

“You flatter yourself too much.” Julio said.

He reached for Anastasia’s sword and raised it; he said,” But I won’t do it. I don’t have the right to kill you; the people of Spain do. The rebels will deal with you. As for me, I am done. Killing you won’t bring my loved ones back.”

He punched Thiago and knocked him out.

Julio laid on his back and coughed.

Anastasia struggled as she was standing up; she looked at Julio and cried,” Julio!”

She ran towards him and touch his wound; she said,” You are wounded.”

He held her hand and said,” I know; it’s okay. Where is Beatrice?”

“She’s outside forcing the rebels past the guards.” Anastasia said.

Julio coughed and said,” I’m sorry Anastasia.”

She looked at him with confusion and said,” For what?”

“I know that I broke your heart; I never meant to….”

She interrupted him and said,” You never did Julio; I understand your feelings towards Beatrice. You don’t have to be lost between two hearts; and you are not a lost cause.”

He said,” Can’t believe you read my notebook.”

She smiled and said,” I was curious.”

He brushed her hair with his hand; she came closer to him and kissed him.

He smiled at her and held her hand.

The cathedral’s door opened and Beatrice ran in.

“Julio!” She cried.

She kneeled next to him and said,” Are you okay?”

He looked at her and at Anastasia; he said,” I am now.”

Beatrice looked at Thiago who was completely knocked out; she said,” Is he dead?”

Julio said,” No; the rebels are the one to finish this.”

Beatrice nodded and said,” I’ll drag his body outside; Anastasia help Julio up.”

Anastasia helped Julio up and Beatrice dragged Thiago outside towards the gallows that were placed in front of the cathedral.

“Did we just kiss?” Julio asked.

Anastasia said,” Yes we did; but that doesn’t change anything. She’s a good person; stay with her.”

Julio looked at the door and sighed; he said,” I will.”


Julio stood in front of his cottage as the sun was rising over the village.

He looked at the clear sky and smiled.

“I guess I did it Father Andres.” He said.

Anastasia and Beatrice jumped down from the cottage’s rooftop and said,” Surprise.”

He looked at them and hugged them both.

“What is the good news?” He asked.

“The rebels executed Thiago yesterday; they are now celebrating the victory with the people in front of the royal palace.” Anastasia said.

Beatrice said,” Are you thinking about going back to the council?”

Julio sighed and shook his head; he looked at his cottage and said,” I want to pursue a better life; I think I’ll open a shop or something. Do something I am good at.”

Anastasia said,” That’s a wonderful plan.”

Beatrice looked at her and said,” I also have something in mind.”

She held both Julio’s and Anastasia’s hands and moved them closer to each other.

“She deserves a good person like you Julio.” Beatrice said.

Julio said,” What is this?”

Beatrice said,” Maybe it was never meant for us to fall in love; I grew up with you. I’ll always be there for you; but as for love, Anastasia is a noble person. She truly loves you.”

Julio said,” Beatrice I…I really don’t know what to say.”

She hugged him and said,” Don’t think; just follow your heart.”

She climbed back up the rooftop and said,” You owe me a race.”

Julio smiled at her; she turned around and ran away.

Julio looked at Anastasia and said,” So, what now?”

“This.” She answered.

She then moved closer to him and kissed him.

He kissed her back and they both sat in front of the cottage and kissed each other.

(The End)

Thank you all for reading.

Thank you all for supporting this story in every way.

Thank you all for sharing your opinions with me about my story.

Your support is what kept this story and this blog alive.

I love you all and wish you the best.

Also, a special thanks to my dearest friend Lydia Potter for helping me create the love story between the characters.

Don’t worry everyone; this will not be my last story.

I’m working on something big and i’ll be posting its preview soon.

You just gotta stay tuned.


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