Brainstorms Award!!!


I really don’t believe it!!

I’ve always wanted to be nominated for THIS particular award.

Well, thanks to Bekah from Owelservejesus.

She made that possible.

I really would love to thank her for this generous nomination.


Here is the tag:

I already followed Brainstorm.

About my blog:

Ok so i started this blog a year ago; it’s called Martial Path.

I started it as a dedication to my hero Bruce Lee.

I post martial arts articles and motivational quotes and i also post thriller and drama stories which i am really good at writing.

Lately, I’ve started a new series where i post movie reviews about my favorite movies so that others can watch them.

I love this WP community because of its wonderful readers(bloggers) who made this blog happen. I met so many wonderful people who are my friends now. Love y’all ❤️

Bekah’s questions:

1. Uhmm let’s see, pretty much the time where I discovered Bruce Lee for the first time ever. I was a kid back then and I immediately started to imitate him and do his moves.

I looked ridiculous back then 😅

2. Oh this is a great question.

Now i have two places planned to go to after I finish college.

It’s either to spend a week in South Carolina cuz I’ve read a lot about its wonderful weather and that’s what I like about vacations, to go to a place with nice warm and refreshing weather.

Or to spend a week in London cuz I really know a lot about its history and I really would love to visit the Big Ben and the Buckingham palace.

3. I really would love to play an electric guitar cuz i love how the Rock N Roll artist make a distortion with it.

4. I would definitely live in my mom’s homeland(Morocco)

Or move to another place

IDK, maybe Canada or England or something.

5. I think that’s pretty obvious :




Watching movies

Reading comic books

Playing a little bit of video games.

Those were Bekah’s questions ✌️

My nominees:

Lydia Potter



Green Mountain Girl

Silver Stone My questions:

1.What is the most romanti thing that has ever happened to you.

2.What is your favorite short story you have read on this WP Community?

3.Do you like sports and why?

4.If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?

5.What do you do to relax yourself when you are stressed out?

Looking forward to reading your answers.

Love y’all.



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