The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!!

Hey y’all!!!

I was just nominated for this award by Shaheshal from Crazy Ideas With Crazy Fun.

I would like to thank her very much for the wonderful support.

Do drop by her blog cuz it’s suitable for you if you feel like starting your day with a wonderful mood.


This award was created by

Shaheshal’s questions:

My answers are:

1.Hmmm, Idk. Maybe “Cheesy”.

2. I really don’t know how, sometimes i nod off after a few minutes, or I simply start thinking about something I want to do or my schedule. It works out in the end.

3.Oh, that’s a good one. It was the one where I traveled to my mom’s country (Morocco) for the first time. I had so much fun.

4.I actually have seen millions of crazy videos, but there is a one where I have seen a monkey using Instagram on an IPad.

5.Oh I’ve had my share of those, a one i had in sixth grade; I looked like a total nerd with it.

6.Writing. When i was a kid, i never thought of writing, all I wanted to do was play video games. Then I started martial arts and i changed my whole lifestyle.

7.Uh, not really. All the quotes I know are from famous people and athletes (Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Ronda Rousey.) All of my favorite martial artists.

8.I’ve never been to a concert before, i would like to go to AC/DC’s world tour concert, or go to Marshmello’s Dubstep concerts.

9.Door creak.

10. Well, I don’t know if this counts.

I’ll say that it’s the famous game Fortnite. People became soooo addicted to it that they spend all their time and money on buying packs for it. I’m so sick of it that i never tried it on my gaming console.

Those were my answers.

My nominees:

Lydia Potter


Nilla Palmer


Science Girl

HR Phoenix

Tanya Sheik

Ava Tripathy

Lily Pierce

Jirah Merriz

My questions are the same as the above because I think that they are too good.

Thank you all for reading.

31 thoughts on “The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!!

      1. Thank you! The thing is, I have stopped doing any awards or tags as such. However, if I ever decide to start again, I will make sure to return here and complete this!
        Thanks for considering me as a nominee anyways!
        Love always,

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