Why Did I start the Martial Path blog?

Hey y’all!!

So today i’ll be doing something quite different than my usual posts.

Ever since i started this blog, a lot of my wonderful friends whom i met through this WP community have suggested that i write a post about why did i start blogging.

Well, here it is.

First i would like to thank all my friends who suggested this post:

Lydia Potter


The Freethinker


First i will give a brief introduction about myself for those who don’t know me yet.

I am a 18 years old Lebanese boy who’s been born and raised in Tripoli in Lebanon.

My father and uncle are both Arabian singers and actors.

Since i was a little kid i have always loved comic books and rock and roll music.

I also love to draw and write novels.

i like crime and thriller stories and i love history.

Now let’s move on and start with our main question for this post.

Why did i start this blog?

When i was a kid, i suffered a lot from bullying; in ways that no one can imagine.

The problem was that i never told my parents about it because i thought that it’ll be better if i stood up for myself.

When i was about seven years old, my father started me in karate lessons.

i achieved the blue belt and left the karate dojo.

Still, i kept on suffering from bullying at school.

My dad wanted me to keep up my karate lessons because he used to do the same when he was a kid, since my grandfather was a bodybuilder so it kinda runs in our family to do sports.

I kept on hiding all my pain for a couple of years until the day my mom found out what was going on with me at school.

My father couldn’t take it and he went to my school and confronted the school supervisor.

Eventually, the bullies got what they deserved, but that didn’t stop them from hurting me.

How did i discover the legendary Bruce Lee?

My father tried in so many ways to talk me into doing martial arts.

So he brought me Bruce Lee’s movies; and that was my leap of faith.

I was astonished by his speed and wisdom; he was a living legend and i learned more about his lifestyle.

That is where it all started; my journey with martial arts.

I first practiced Kung Fu for a short time, then i moved to Aikido.

After that, i started with Kickboxing and i’m still practicing it to this day.

Throughout what i’ve learned from my idol Bruce Lee, i found out that i don’t have to fight those bullies because i have nothing to prove to them. Because Bruce Lee gave me self-confidence.

Thank you my idol for changing my life.

How did i discover the WP community?

I actually discovered this community after my English teacher encouraged me to create a blog.

She was really supportive and she advised me to share my skills with other bloggers.

I started with a few Kung Fu posts and worked my way up there.

Then i met awesome bloggers who soon became my friends and to be honest, even words fail to describe how supportive they were.

And so, the Martial Path blog was created and it shall always continue on entertaining readers throughout my Bruce Lee articles and my novels.

So, allow me to thank all these amazing bloggers who made this blog happen:

Lydia Potter

Nilla Palmer


Kally MiddleMe

Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog

YBP It’s All about love





Lily Better Than Yesterday

Science Girl


Ideal Inspiration

Tanya Sheik


Hilary Tan


Saania Sparkle

Crazy Ideas with Shaheshal

Happiness Between Tails

Thank you all for making this blog happen.

You support shall never be forgotten.

Love you all.

With love, Mohamad Toutounji

And welcome to the martial path family.

42 thoughts on “Why Did I start the Martial Path blog?

  1. That is so sad to hear that you were bullied, but also heartening to know how beautifully you overcame it. Lebanon is a beautiful country! Here where I live there are quite a few Lebanese and I love your cuisine!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Your welcome, and to let you know, I’ve always been fascinated by Kung-Fu. I have a double black belt in Karate, but initially I wanted to know more about Kung-Fu and from your blog I can!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. I found that when you find your inner peace and self-confidence , everything else falls in place …
    As said :” energy flows where attention goes. ”
    Take care
    My name is Wael ( if you forgot my name …

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  3. Wow this is such a great post! I am so sorry you had to experience that! 😣 But at least you became so much stronger and better!! 😊 I loved reading this, it’s nice to know something about your life! ✨

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh Moh! I now know where your inspiration comes from! It’s so disheartening that we go through so much in life at such a tender age! I am proud of the person you’ve become today. Though I know, these things affect us in some way but, not giving up is the key. You’ve done well! You’re a fighter!😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nothing great! I just said what I felt after reading it. The bullying things really shocked me! It’s our misunderstanding that only our life/childhood has been difficult. When you see around, there are many like us.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to feel that way though!😟

        Well, I was just talking about lot of issues during our childhood days, not limited to bullying.

        If my words cheered you up, I’m happy!😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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