The Deadly Treasure Chapter 6

Welcome back everyone to the 6th chapter of The Deadly Treasure.

Just when you thought that the story was about to end; a new adventure awaits the Tyler twins. This time, it’ll be up yo Evie to decide what’s gonna happen next.

Chapter 6

(An unwanted visit)

“What a pity it is; that your father wasn’t able to see you here.” William said while looking at the Tyler twins.

Evie and Liam were both tied to each other’s chairs; while David was tied to another chair that was placed in the corner of the room.

David said,” Do you think by kidnapping us on your ship will give you what you want? You got it backwards my friend.”

William smiled and said,” Same old David; you never changed. Still fighting for that fool James.”

Liam grunted while trying to break out of the chair; he said,” Just you wait; I’ll kill you for what you said.”

One of William’s men stepped forward and punched Liam on the face.

Liam groaned and lowered his head with defeat.

William grinned and said,” Always the fighter; you remind me of your father. He was quite a challenger, but in the end he was still a fool to reject my offer.”

David yelled,” Are you calling him a fool because he rejected to play dirty? He was an honorable man who took you in as his own brother; but you were a backstabbing criminal.”

William smiled and said,” In this world, you can’t always be clean. You have to play dirty to work your way up the money ladder.”

“That’s all you care about; money. James cared about his family.” David said.

William stepped closer to David and whispered,” Where did that lead him to? Our world doesn’t work without money; you should always find a way to pile up your money. No matter how you do it.”

David said,” James had so much hope for you William; it didn’t have to be this way.”

William moved away and said,” We are getting close to the temple; you will open the vault for me and then you’ll die. All of you.”

Evie said,” If you want the bomb; then you should find someone else to open the vault for you.”

William laughed and said,” Is that what you think? That the substance is a bomb. Oh dear, don’t be foolish. That substance will be recreated by our labs and it will be sold in the black market as a weapon of mass destruction. It’s quite a lucrative business; but your father didn’t see the beauty of the power caused by money.”

Evie said,” You will not get away with this.”

William sighed and said,” I already have; the same way I got away with your father’s murder.”

Liam’s eyes widened and he yelled,” What!”

William laughed and said,” He thought he could run away from me forever; but eventually I managed to find him. God, it was really nice when I choked him down to death.”

Evie’s eyes filled with tears and she yelled,” I swear that we will not let you get away with this; you are a monster.”

William said,” I know.”

He walked out and said,” keep them here; once we reach the island, escort them out towards the camp with the rest of the workers.”

His men nodded and they closed the room’s door.


“Wake up now.” One of William’s men said while shoving Evie’s arm.

She looked up at him and said,” What do you want?”

He said,” We reached the island; come on move it.”

He shoved Evie out of the room; Liam ran at him and yelled,” You keep your hands off her.”

The man grunted and kicked Liam on the stomach; Liam groaned and fell hard on the ground.

Two men picked him up and shoved him forward.

Evie studied her surroundings; she saw that the ship was a few meters away from the island’s shore.

The men forced David and the twins into a small boat where William was waiting for them.

One of his men drove the boat towards the shore while another one was pointing a rifle at the hostages.

After a few minutes, they reached the shore where a group of William’s men was waiting for them.

William stepped out of the boat and said,” You’ll love it here; all you have to do is figure out how to open the vault and then you can all join James in the afterlife.”

The man with the rifle pushed the hostages forward and said,” Come on move it.”


As the group of men was walking towards the jungle, David got closer to Evie and whispered,” I’ll try to distract them, and you’ll make a run for it. I planned this with your brother; you run away and try to sneak back into the boat. It’s not heavily guarded there; they are keeping our stuff there. Try to take my walkie-talkie and contact Henry Graham, and inform him of our location. He has a cousin who owns a helicopter that will rescue us. Without you, they’ll never get a chance to open the vault because they’ll need a Latin translator which is you.”

Evie said,” No I won’t do that! They’ll kill you both.”

David said,” Don’t worry, they won’t hurt us. They need us too; we are the only ones who know the content of the minion’s message.”

One of the men yelled,” Shut it both of you.”

David looked at Liam and nodded.

Liam nodded and pushed one of the thugs; David kicked the other on his leg.

Liam yelled,” Evie run!”

Evie turned around and ran as fast as she could towards the jungle.

She heard some of the men yelling behind her; another one tried to shoot her.

William slapped him and yelled,” Have you lost your bloody marbles? I want her in one piece. Hunt her down and bring her to the camp.”

Evie kept on running with full speed without looking back.

She tripped on a ledge, fell hard on the ground, and bumped her head.

 She groaned and fainted.

(The End of chapter 6)

Curious to know what’s gonna happen next??

Stay tuned to know when will the next chapter be out.

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again and again i would like to thank Lydia Potter and all of my wonderful supporters who helped in making this story possible.


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  1. I had to go back and read the other chapters and I am glad I did. This is wonderfully written. I too am writing a proper novel and I hope to publish it someday. Keep it up!
    Btw I too blog @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!
    -Prutha xoxo

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