Guess who’s baackkk!!!!

Hellloooooooooooooooo everybodyyyy!!! Gosh it’s been like forever. I’m sorry to all my readers for being away for all this time. But i moved to another country and I’m finishing up my last year of high school. I can’t believe I’m not finding the time to be on my blog anymore. I missed u all and … Continue reading Guess who’s baackkk!!!!

Broken Pieces: Chapter 6

Phew!! Ok hello everyone. I know that it's been sooo long. But like i said in my latest apology post; my life is a total mess right now. I can't even find some free time from my job to write here a little bit. I've been letting u guys down but i'm really sorry. Moving … Continue reading Broken Pieces: Chapter 6

Ronda Rousey: The Woman That Changed The Rules Of Sports

Perhaps some of you may have heard of the legendary Ronda Rousey. If you hadn't(Although i doubt that); then here's the article that'll tell you all about Ronda. Ronda Jean Rousey ( born February 1, 1987) is an American professional wrestler, actress, author, and former mixed martial artist and judoka who has been signed to WWE as a wrestler since 2018. Her longstanding nickname, … Continue reading Ronda Rousey: The Woman That Changed The Rules Of Sports

Martial Arts Motivation #4

Hey y'all!!! Welcome to the fourth episode of my new series "Martial Arts Motivation." In today's episode we won't be discussing a motivational quote; we will be looking at an awesome martial arts motivational video that can pretty much lead you to think about practicing martial arts. Hope you enjoy and get motivated: Hope … Continue reading Martial Arts Motivation #4

The Last Triad: The Sequel The Final Chapter

It's finally here. Wei Chen's story is over!! Sorry guys for the long delay but i was working sooo hard on this chapter and on my new martial arts series. Hope it didn't kill the suspense. Anyway, enjoy: Chapter 10 (Last Blood) “Can’t believe boss told us to keep this prick here.” A man said … Continue reading The Last Triad: The Sequel The Final Chapter

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

I was just nominated for the Sunshine blogger award by one of my awesome followers Prutha Pimpalgaonkar. I would like to thank her very much for her generosity. Drop by her blog and show some support cuz her posts are amazing. Here is her link Rules: Prutha’s questions: My Answers: 1. Nope But it’ll … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award 2

A quick Thank you from the martial path blog 💜💜💜💜

Hey there everyone!!! Today i woke up and found out that I’ve hit 190 followers. Which means I’m ten followers away from hitting 200 followers!!! Can you believe that!!😁😁😁 So i made this video to thank you all❤️🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️ So, like I said in the video; feel free to send my link to anyone. And i … Continue reading A quick Thank you from the martial path blog 💜💜💜💜

The Last Triad: The Sequel Chapter 8

When it starts to threaten your family; you definitely gotta do something about it!! Wei is now officially a terminated agent. Which means; the agency wants him DEAD!!!! Experience Wei's fight against the agency's troopers in this action-packed, ruthless, and quite violent chapter!!! Enjoy: Chapter 8 (The Assault) Two vans parked in front of the … Continue reading The Last Triad: The Sequel Chapter 8

Know More About Capoeira!!

vector set of isolated brazilian capoeira fighting Welcome to a new martial arts article. You want a cartwheel kick? You got it! You want an acrobatic backflip kick? You also got it!!! Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at … Continue reading Know More About Capoeira!!

Know More About Taekwondo

Hey y'all!!! Welcome to another martial arts article. So last time's article was about MMA; but this time we'll be discussing another form of martial arts. TAEKWONDO!!!! Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques with kicks and … Continue reading Know More About Taekwondo

Our official WordPress Family Whats App group!!

Hey y’all!! So i have some great news for y’all!! It’s about an idea that i came up with my friend Elle who is also a blogger here on WordPress. We decided to create a Whats App group so that all of our followers who have Whats App can contact each other and discuss ideas … Continue reading Our official WordPress Family Whats App group!!

The Last Triad: The Sequel(Coming Soon).

He's back!!! Just when you all thought that Wei Chen's story was over; well, you are mistaken. Summary: Wei finished his job with the HKPD service and returned with his girlfriend Sonia to America. What Wei feared all along has happened. His forgotten past is hunting him down; and this time it's not letting him … Continue reading The Last Triad: The Sequel(Coming Soon).

Shadows Among Us The Final Chapter.

BOOM!!! It's here!!! The grand finale is here y'all!! Witness the epic ending of Julio's story. Chapter 16 (Justice without an order) Julio stepped closer to Father Andres as he was lighting up the candles in the church. Julio watched the old priest as he was lighting the candles; Father Andres looked at him and … Continue reading Shadows Among Us The Final Chapter.

Brainstorms Award!!!

Wow!! I really don’t believe it!! I’ve always wanted to be nominated for THIS particular award. Well, thanks to Bekah from Owelservejesus. She made that possible. I really would love to thank her for this generous nomination. Rules: Here is the tag: I already followed Brainstorm. About my blog: Ok so i started this … Continue reading Brainstorms Award!!!

Movie Review #3: Never Back Down.

Never Back Down is a 2008 American martial arts film directed by Jeff Wadlow and starring Sean Faris, Amber Heard, Cam Gigandet, and Djimon Hounsou. PLOT: A frustrated and conflicted teenager arrives at a new high school to discover an underground fight club and meet a classmate who begins to coerce him into fighting. Jake Tyler … Continue reading Movie Review #3: Never Back Down.

The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!!

Hey y’all!!! I was just nominated for this award by Shaheshal from Crazy Ideas With Crazy Fun. I would like to thank her very much for the wonderful support. Do drop by her blog cuz it’s suitable for you if you feel like starting your day with a wonderful mood. Rules: This award was created … Continue reading The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!!

Shadows Among Us Chapter 13

Hey y'all!!!! Welcome back to another awesome chapter of Shadows Among Us. In today's chapter Julio and Anastasia have reached Venice to look for Beatrice. Enjoy: Chapter 13 (Venetian Attack) “What do you think we’ll see here?” Anastasia said to Julio while leaving the port of Venice. “I don’t know; but this long trip should … Continue reading Shadows Among Us Chapter 13